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Aeon Century Company Incorporated (ACC, Inc. Film Productions) is an equity based, S-Corporation.

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Total Class B Shares: 3,026,000

Total Class B Shares Issued: 1, 612,183

Total Class B Shares Vested: 640,889

Total Shares Outstanding: 1,413,817

Share Price: $5 per share.

Total Value of shares issued: $8,060,915
Total Value of Vested Shares: $3,196,445

Total Value of Outstanding shares: $7,069,085

Total Investor/Shareholders Contracts: 45

Total Employment/Independent Contracts overall: 44

Aeon Century Company Incorporated



“thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force.”  

ACC, Inc. is seeking sponsors of its unique, original, fantasy-adventure feature-film series.  If you have a company or production you'd like to promote, we encourage you to consider the coming motion picture, Part 1 of the Tykarindom Saga: SUPERNATURALITES, LLC  to sponsor become a partner or co-producer.  You would be part of a , one-time opportunity to be part an international motion picture vehicle for your company, firm or product.

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Tykarindom Saga, Part 1, Supernaturalites Sponsorship and perks designation form.

Tykarindom Saga, Part 1, Supernaturalites Donor Form.  

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Aeon Century Company Incorporated( ACC Films) is a brand new internationally envisioned One-humanity Original Film Production Company incorporated in Colorado USA.  This is ACC Films debut production season 2019 - 2022. All its debut contracts are non-union and a hybrid between Box Offices Salary, hourly and per diem (day) rates. Stock participation profit sharing is also offered. ACC, Inc. Films is an equity based for profit enterprise. With Amazing room for growth. Some roles (Studio Star roles) may require relocation. The historical-drama, Theodora The Great; the Historical-Thriller Tomb, the Spiritual Horror Feature, Toll House Horrors, and the debut Period Drama, Imperium, the fantasy-adventure Christmas Story, Snow.  It has green-lighted for its next production cycle 2020-2022 the period drama, Der Anschluss and the exciting Musical-Dance Drama, The Dancers. ACC Films seed east coast division office is located in Aliquippa, PA. 15001. Tel.724-888-2603.