In the land of Tykarindom, Agia the Supernaturalite, her six companions and a mysterious follower called the Half-Twin, confront danger in a struggle between the realm of Magic and the realm of the Supernatural. Tykarindom: The Histories, is an original fantasy-adventure guide book to the debut motion picture of Aeon Century Company Film Productions, Tykarindom. The guide book offers readers a basic foundation to the history of the fantasy-adventure trilogy. It discusses the original creatures, lands, languages, terms and events which make up the history of Tykarindom...

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"Now, even after the Great War, when the 

Urbanites had awaken from the immortal-mortal sleep, they had not taken the lesson 

from the Wunder of  Samanadonisa, 

but instead all the chief Urbanites became 

proud and boastful, returning unreformed 

to the Magic Arts. 


For they said, 'Samanadonisa forced us to sleep but Bösengelkor gave us magic.' So led by the enchantments 

of Böengelkor they developed schools of Magic so 

that if War came again, they might destroy 

the prophesied Supernaturalite; they sent their 

children to learn wizardry, sorcery, 

channeling, spell casting and conjuring. They 

worshiped the Mirror of Magic as their protector, and the Boundary of Peace as justification.  


And they had a name for every Eartonian who 

refused to learn any of their arts, 

and they called them -- The Zauberlos.  

It was a term of derision and distain. And 

they hated the Tyonians most of all for being 

among the Zauberlos, for they had what 

Urbanites called, the Disease, 

by which they meant the Aura from the 

Wunder of Almegon.  


-- From Tykarindom: The Histories, Fragment 43  Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.